Dyer-Witheford Article – Transmission

As I read through this article I related to the global worker section when it was explained how the work world has evolved from the past. “flows of migrant labour, all shattering the notion of a white, male working class” The migrant labour is a huge factor in Transmission. Arjun was recruited from India to live the American Dream but is rudely awakened by the low wage and check garnishes. Guy Swift, the successful CEO represents the white, male working class. The statements about Apple and Microsoft abusing workers of Central America, Southern China, and Eastern Europe is a comparision of what Arjun experienced in Databodies “degraded labour” since Arjun has skills and capabilities that surpass what he was assigned at the corporation.

“‘If money is the bond binding me to human life, binding society to me, binding me and nature and man, is not money the bond of all bonds?’” Marx stated this and I find it correlating to a theme in Transmission. The theme of technology showing that the various characters Guy, Arjun, Leela, and Gabby are from completely different worlds and pursue different careers an ways of life but today technology is all about connecting people. Now it has become a huge part of society especially in careers and jobs. So technology is not only connecting money but also people in a whole new way. All the characters are severly affected by this one virus yet on opposite sides of the world. So Marx’s quote makes me really analyze money and technology and the bond of the human race all together.


Pick Up on South St vs. Nueromancer

In both these noir stories, the setting is in an urban area or city and there are short and large resemblances between characters. At the beginning, I saw a glimpse of Riviera in Skip when he was interacting with Candy. He would reel Candy in and show affection to distract her from him stealing and also getting more money. Riviera would try to fool girls and then loved betraying them. This isn’t the exact same idea because Skip does not get the same pleasure Riviera does but that was my perception at first. Then I explored the idea of Skip being more similar to Case when he gets right back into the mischevious acts of stealing. He does not want to let go of that lifestyle even though he just got out of jail. Another small comparison is Candy and Molly and both women being used as a puppet in a way. The biggest comparison I saw was the idea of hacking and pickpocketing. They are both rebellious and intrusive to people’s property. Moe identified there are different styles to each of these thieves and just like hacking it is about creation and not imitation. The thieves have strategic ways and pride to their technique.

“techne now precedes physis”

Easterbrook’s quote really put me in a web of thoughts. When he says there is a “manipulation of technology” I agree that action takes place countless times in the book Neuromancer. Case wants to be more a machine than meat and all other characters are using technology for their revenge or sneaky acts. It seems they look at their meat as the weaker side of them. Then I start to relate that concept to our world today. How much technology and the virtual world has taken over in a speedy process that came out of nowhere in a sense. We are all realizing and questioning if this vital presence in our lives is healthy. Then that brings the argument of parents who say too many kids are playing video games and technology instead of going outside and enjoying nature. My personal beliefs disagree with Easterbrook’s idea I see nature as intrinsic and instrumental value but I do agree that a lot of society and Neuromancer does follow the idea “techne now precedes physis.”

Neuromancer “Hacker”

“To the hacker, what is represented as being real is always partial, limited, perhaps even false.  To the hacker there is always a surplus of possibility expressed in what is actual, the surplus of the virtual. . . . To hack is to release the virtual into the actual, to express the difference of the real.” [074]


The quote here by Mckenzie Wark is exemplified in the Neuromancer text by Chapter 4 where Case is ferociously hacking for hours to jack into the SimStim of Molly. He is not eating or sleeping like most hackers have always done; in past, present, or future times. There is a “surplus in possibility” because they do not stop until they are fully satisfied meaning they see the whole entire picture or message thoroughly. They also get into the zone of the virtual world and get stuck. Another way “to hack is to release the virtual into the actual” is something Case experienced in Chapter 9 and 10. When Al takes over and sends him into a rabbit hole where he sees and kisses Linda. It was so real and disturbing to him he could not sleep the next night. Throughout the book the hackers are playing mid games and sending each other into unrealistic realms and dreams. The hacker world is a struggle between dividing what is virtual and actual.